Delicious, nutritious, tempting recipes for every occasion. More than 140 ideas for cakes and pies. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful color photograph, showing exactly how the finished dish will look.

Baking the perfect cake is a simple pleasure and one that we can all achieve. Whatever your favorite cake may be, from a golden pound cake to a heavenly sponge, or a miniature cupcake to a decadent cheesecake or a crisp tart, here you will find all the inspiration you need. With more than 140 recipes, Cakes is packed with dessert ideas for every occasion, from formal entertaining to family breakfasts and brunches, and from casual coffee mornings with friends to bake sales.

  • Begins with a chapter on small cakes, including more than 20 cupcake recipes.
  • Includes a chapter on chilled cakes, such as cheesecakes and ice cream cakes.
  • Features a host of classics, including Dobos Torte, Kugelhopf, Apple Pie, Daffodil Cake, Frosted Carrot Cake, and Banoffee Pie.
  • Finishes with a long chapter on tarts and pies.
  • Focuses on simple cakes that can be prepared easily at home.
Author: Marina Neri
Photography: Brent Parker Jones

320 pages
225 x 185 mm (92⁄3 x 11 in)
Softcover with flaps
Approx. 38,000 words

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High-value, 320-page, 130 plus recipes, modern-looking cookbooks.